About a week ago I posted the following on my Facebook page (you should totally press ‘like’!  You won’t regret it, I swear!)

A recent study found that insomniacs who drank two 235ml glasses of sour cherry juice a day for 2 weeks fell asleep 20 minutes faster and slept more soundly through the night.

Of course, being the health nut that I amI have been on the lookout for sour cherry juice ever since.  I was lurking around in my local fruit and vegetable shop yesterday (you know, admiring the lettuce, smelling the coriander, as you do) and I noticed they had it for $1.99 for a liter. I wasn’t sure if that was a reasonable price or not but all I knew was that I was going to buy that juice and by god I was going to blog about it.

First comes the research.  I did a little Google on the interwebs thingy and it told me many interesting things about sour cherry juice besides the fact that it is good for insomniacs!  I shall present a few of them to you in bullet point for your reading pleasure and ease:

  • Drinking a glass of cherry juice a day offers the same health benefits as eating 23 portions of fruit and vegetables!
  • 250ml of the juice contained more antioxidants than five portions of peas, tomatoes, water melon, carrots and banana!
  • Sour cherry juice may offer relief to people suffering from arthritis or gout!
  • Drinking sour cherry juice immediately before and after exercise can alleviate muscle pain!

(Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1062831/Cherry-juice-hailed-superfood-equivalent-23-portions-fruit-single-glass.html#ixzz17brFme99)

So after reading all the fantastic benefits it was time to pour myself a glass:

Firstly, I love the gorgeous deep read colour.  Made me think I was drinking a glass of True Blood.  I felt incredibly vampire-ish for a good moment there.

Taking the first sip I noted the tartness.  Not quite as tart as cranberry juice but still a lovely sour taste.  Sour yet sweet.  A nice balance of flavour.  This is beginning to sound like a wine tasting!  “Mmm yes yes, full bodied yet not too heavy on the nose.  Lingers on the plate.  A sensory delight!”.

What I’m trying to get across here is that I love the taste.  Kind of like a cross between apple juice and cranberry juice.  Delicious.  Could even make a great accompaniment to vodka!  Not that I encourage or endorse drinking but I don’t mind the old celebratory tipple! Moderation is key!

I’m not sure if I am feeling any benefits yet, this is only the second day I have been drinking it, but I will try drinking it before and after my training session in the morning and will advise you all if I see any difference.  Even if I don’t notice any benefits I will still continue drinking it!

Have you tried sour cherry juice?   Noticed any benefits?