We all know that too much salt is not good for us but how much is too much and how can we do what’s best for our food and our health at the same time?

The National Heart Foundation recommends a one and a half teaspoon limit for all Australians and one teaspoon for those individuals with high blood pressure.  Currently, the average Australian is consuming almost double that recommendation!

If we consume too much salt the risk is that we could develop high blood pressure.  People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke so it definitely pays to be more ‘salt-wise’.

So, how do we become more ‘salt-wise’?  Some tips:

  • Be aware of the amount of salt you are consuming – you need to use the right salt, in the right amount, for the right dish.
  • Abandon the salt shaker – when cooking you should use your fingers and hands to gradually add salt in small increments, tasting as you go.  This way there is no need to add more salt at the dinner table.
  • Be aware of ‘hidden’ salt – read labels and make a conscious decision to choose foods lower in sodium.  The Heart Foundation recommends products that have a sodium below 120mg per 100g.
  • Take some iodine – it  is essential for healthy function of the thyroid gland and the recommended daily requirement for most adults is 150 micrograms.
  • Use a good quality natural sea salt for general purpose use.

Check out the book below to learn more about using salt healthily and the different types of salt needed for different dishes.

Now that you know more about being ‘salt-wise’ will you change your salt habits?  I know I definitely will be!