Right.  I’m not going to bore you with a standard introduction and welcome to this post.  I’m going to get straight to the nitty-gritty.  Here are my measurement results for the last month:

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I had really great results on the hips and thighs (thank you cycling!) but no loss from the middle which is a bit sad.  I usually have my measurements done in the morning though, on an empty stomach, so that might make a difference.

I also only lost 1kg this month which is a bit of a pain in the old ass seeing that I wanted to get to my weight goal of 68kg by April.  I’m working really hard, harder than ever actually, so it’s quite frustrating that I am having so much trouble shifting these last few kilos.

The good thing about goals though is you can reassess them when you need to.  Which is what I have done.

I’m now going for a dress size goal.  I want to be a size 10 by the end of June 2011.

Here’s what the Australian dress size chart looks like:

Looking over the last 4 months I have lost 5cm from my hips, 2.5cm from my waist and 2cm from my bust.  If I lose those amounts again (or more) then I will definitely be a comfortable size 10 or be on the higher end of the size 10 spectrum.

To be honest, I already fit in to most size 10 tops so I don’t think the waist and the bust will be an issue.  It’s those damn thighs that are the issue.    So I’m going to continue to hammer them over the next few months in an effort to get them smaller.  Reduce in size, damn you!  REDUCE! *shakes fist* (Maybe I can threaten them into slimming down?  Anyone ever tried that?  I’ll be the first person to literally scare their thighs into getting smaller.  That would be awesome).

Now, whilst I do have the new goal that doesn’t mean that I am completely writing off the old goal.  There are still 2 weeks until April and by the name of sweet baby cheeses I am going to do everything within my power to lose that pesky 2.7kg.

Watch this space.  Waaaaatch it.  *shakes fist*

(This blog post seemed to get really aggressive towards the end.  It’s my burning passion.  It gets me all fired up.  Sorry about that.)