My blogging mojo has been low.  Very low.  I apologise for this but I just haven’t had anything very interesting to say really… every day was the same, wake, eat, work, eat, crossfit, eat, home time, study, eat, sleep, dream of eating.  Haha!

But I am happy to report that my mojo is steadily creeping back up as I have a new focus!

Last week I took the week off to complete my Certificate III in Fitness.  I still have my Senior First Aid to go and a video practical assessment but I made a huge dent in the course.  One module that I found particularly interesting was the module on exercise programming and how programs need to reflect different fitness goals.

Now, my main goal at the moment is to build sexy lean muscle mass (also known as hypertrophy) and reduce fat mass so the way I should be going about this is a strength program that is based on heavy lifting for 8 – 12 reps.

When I say  – 12 reps that doesn’t just mean picking up a 5kg dumbbell and doing 12 reps of a bicep curl with it.  It means to choose the heaviest weight that you can bust out 12 reps with perfect form with but could definitely not manage a 13th rep.

Whilst I love crossfit, I need a change of pace.  I need to see what it is like to follow a traditional resistance/strength based program as how can I be a successful trainer if I don’t even train myself and only rely on others to train me?  I also think that if I want the sports model body then I have to train like one.  Besides these factors, it’s becoming hard financially to fund going to crossfit and the class times are often unsuitable for me.

So, I’ve devised a new program for myself!  I’ve had a good read of my course material again, had a chat to Nat and also read The Female Fitness Bible on to get some ideas on how to piece this altogether:

The New Workout Plan 


Lunchtime cardio workout – 20 mins of HIIT (100m sprints followed by 100m walking, for example) cardio immediately followed by 20 mins of low intensity cardio

Evening – upper body


Lower body


Cardio workout only (as per Monday lunchtime)


Luncthime – cardio workout

Evening – upper body


Lower body


Meltdown with New Outlook Fitness


Glorious rest day!

As I come up with new programs I will post them up here on the blog so you guys can give them a go for yourselves!  I’ll also post up my new meal plan in the next blog post. :)

And remember guys: