Here’s a look at my measurement results this month:

(click image to enlarge)

I’m quite pleased with these results and even had a reasonable weight loss as well!  I definitely think this has something to do with the CLA as the weight only came off in the last week or so, but more on that in a later post.

Nat asked me to put my weight loss results in a graph to see if there was a pattern as I seem to lose a good amount some months and then other months I lose next to nothing.

I thought it was pretty interesting that my weight loss has a very clear zig zag pattern – just goes to show that some people (ie me) can’t expect a clear-cut loss of “x” amount month in month out. It can be very varied. And you have to be okay with that and acknowledge your success in any case to maintain motivation.

At first I used to get really down about how I wasn’t losing weight at a quick enough rate or I wasn’t hitting a set number of kilos that I had in my head month after month. But now the weight loss is really no longer that important to me. Whilst I have lost 17kg since Feb 10, the number I love more is the 66.5cm that I have shaved off from my entire body. We’re making new shapes here people! In a healthy and controlled way. :)

On another note: Lately, I’ve been more and more interested in strength training and powerlifting.  I think this has stemmed from doing CrossFit!   So I decided to have a go at testing my one repitition maximums (1RM) today. 1RM means the maximal weight that can be lifted once with good form in a given exercise.

I tested my squats and deadlifts. I used a smith machine as that is all I have available to me at the moment but I will also give this a go using a proper squat rack or free weights soon.


Warmed up with 24kg x 10;
44kg x 5;
54kg x 3


64kg x 1

Then decided I could probably do 69kg:

I need to work on a few things – flexibility, range of motion, depth… a whole range of things really but at least I know now what I’m working with. I will start a basic strength training program from scratch and work on technique, technique, technique!


Had to perform these in the smith machine but will also give these a go with free weights!

Warmed up with 34kg x 10;
54kg x 5;
74kg x 3


84kg x 1 (serious issues with my grip! Haha – “I’ll do it this way. No this way. No, wait, uh… this way.  Yeah.”)

Then decided I would give 89kg a go but I had poor form (came up on my toes):

Overall, I hit better numbers that expected but this means nothing when it comes to form, which needs a lot of work.  Can’t wait til I’m strong enough to lift more with excellent form!


Have you ever tested your 1RMs? What were your results?