As I sat down to write my first article for Evve Online, I reflected on my past and my relationship with my body.  How philosophical of me!  I can be deep you know… you may call me Dr Amanda. Up to you.  I do welcome and encourage it though.*

I wanted to tell the readers a little about myself and about my lifestyle.  As I began to let the words flow I realised how wonderful and happy my life is ever since I embraced putting myself and my health first.

Here’s an excerpt (to whet your appetite):

I’m a firm believer that if your take care of your body and health first then the rest of the areas in your life will follow.  For example, most of my twenties I partied too much, I drank too much, I barely exercised and I put myself through hellish diets.  During this stage of my life I found it difficult to hold a steady job, I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, I had no motivation or drive, my relationship with my spouse was strained and I was overall an unhappy person.

Since I started living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my body I’ve found that I’m driven, focused, motivated, positive and suffer none of the health and mental issues I suffered before.  My PCOS and subsequent symptoms such as insulin resistance have settled and I live a positive and happy existence.

My aim is to reach as many people as I can and let them know – if I can do it, you can do it too.  I know everybody says that but it really is true.  Only you have the power to unlock your full potential.

My strongest wish and desire is that I can persuade and influence people to embrace health and fitness, especially those I love and care about.   If I can do that for at least one person then my job is done. #

Welcome to the Good Life.