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This is a lesson for me as much as it is for you. So let’s learn it together, shall we? Alright class, now let’s begin.

I’m going to talk about today about how you can free yourself from negative self-talk and gain confidence in what you do. I’m reading a great book at the moment called “Ultimate Confidence” by Marissa Peer and am gaining quite a lot out of it!

So many of the things that she says not to do are things that I either have done or still do when it comes to self-talk. For example, using overly descriptive words. How many of you have been in a difficult situation and have thought to yourself, “This is hell”?  I know I have. The situation is probably only just slightly uncomfortable so in order to turn this thought into a confident thought we need to change our internal dialogue.

When we use such overly exaggerated words our minds begins to believe them. If we think we’re in hell then the mind will truly believe we are in hell and our body will respond in turn – sweaty palms, erratic heartbeat, quivering. So we need to reassess – “Is this really hell or am I overreacting?”. Chances are it’s just something like a job interview, which is something you would need confidence for, so recognise that you can turn that thought around and your mind and body will follow suit. Change the negative thought into a positive – “This is a little difficult but I will get trough this” – and your outer confidence will shine.

This can be applied to many situations in our day to day life…


“This is so hard. I’m dying. I’m never going to get through this! When will it end??? Oh god, I’m going to pass out.”

Change to:

“This is challenging but I will finish this and when I do I am going to feel awesome.”


“I hate coming to this hell hole everyday. I dread waking up. Kill me now.”

Change to:

“Work can be difficult at times but no matter, I will pull through and do the best that I can.”

(If you can’t bring yourself to say this it might be time to get a new job!)


“I’m surely going to die. What’s that noise?! This is terrifying. Why are we dipping downwards?! Oh god no, we are seriously all going to die!.” (This is an excerpt from my own brain when flying)

Change to:

“I’m slightly nervous but I have confidence in my pilot and when I land I’m going to enjoy the best damn holiday ever.”

See how easy it is? All you need to do is catch yourself thinking those negative and overly exaggarated thoughts and turn them around. Once you are able to do this you will become a more confident person and be able to take on the world! Nothing will be too hard for you ever again! Awesomely confident to the extreme! Just don’t become an overly confident a-hole, alright?

In what kind of situations do you find your confidence lacking?